Monday, October 20, 2014

Spelunky Daily Challene 10/21/2014

I don't feel like I should be posting the daily challenge videos on here every day, so after today I'm going to stop. I'm still going to be streaming them and then archiving them on YouTube, I just don't want to have a million daily challenge posts in a row on here. So if you want to continue watching them you can either watch them live on my Twitch channel, or watch the archives on my YouTube channel. Every time I go live I tweet it out, so if you want to be there as it happens follow @Manatron on Twitter!

Today's run was exceptional. After the practice stream last night I got a lot more confident and ended up with an amazing run. I needed a good one after yesterday's poor performance.

Spelunky Daily Challenge 10/20/2014

As promised I am going to stream the daily challenge in Spelunky every day until I get sick of it. Today I did the run before Noukeo did, so there was no chance for teabagging. It wouldn't have mattered though since I did so unbelievably bad!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

HD Test Stream of Spelunky

Well, I tried streaming in HD. It came out super choppy and looked like skipping garbage. The game I chose to stream was Spelunky, because I've been wanting to do the daily challenge.

I am still going to do the daily challenge, and probably stream it every day. Below I will embed the video of the test stream. Beware, because the first minute or so skips quite a bit. I will also embed the video of me streaming the daily challenge for today. That one I used different settings for and it actually turned out looking quite nice. So look forward to daily videos of Spelunky I guess?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN Japanese Demo Gameplay Video

I downloaded the Japanese Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN demo and played it on video for like fifteen minutes. You can find the video below, which basically consists of me having a fit about how ridiculously amazing it looks. If you're not watching it in 720p you're doing it wrong!

Episode 2 of the Podcast is Here!

I have finally recorded the second episode of the podcast. In it, I discuss what Destiny actually is and why I found it to be profoundly disappointing. It's just me this time, because I wanted to see if I had the ability to hold a conversation on my own. I think I did a pretty good job. If you want to listen I'll embed the SoundCloud player in this post. However, the podcast is now on Itunes for easier access. So if you get a chance please review and subscribe. You can find it here. Episode 2 isn't showing up yet, but if you subscribe it will download. Enjoy!

Peggle 2 Test Stream Extravaganza!

Have you ever wanted to see what the credits in Peggle 2 are like? Have you ever wanted to see Peggle 2 in glorious 480p SD? If you said yes to either of those questions, then I have the perfect video for you!

Earlier I decided it was time to try my hand at streaming, and of course I picked Peggle 2. The stream itself went fine, but I didn't realize it was in SD. My internet is very slow, so I'm sure HD wouldn't work very well at all. In some point in the transfer between Twitch and YouTube the quality got even lower, so the video on YouTube looks a little awful.

Never fear though, because I will not give up. Sure my first video isn't the best, but I had fun doing it. I'm going to try streaming more often and record some videos using the record function to see how they turn out.

So please, check out the first ever Game Time With Manny video. It's the oh so compelling Peggle 2 test stream. Enjoy!

Now I can finally start saying please like the video and subscribe, but I'll try my best to keep it to a minimum. Please visit the channel here. I'll probably be posting many more videos!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Go Vacation Podium

I just needed to share how amazing the characters we made in Go Vacation were. On the right is Lander's stoner grandpa. The middle is Noukeo's creeper father. Finally on the right we have my own personal giant afro baby. I hope you enjoy this vine as much as I do.