Friday, April 11, 2014

Party Game Sundays: National Geographic Challenge!

This past Sunday I had to go to a stupid meeting, so I arrived to Party Game Sunday a bit late. Due to that fact we ended up playing a few board games instead of the usual video games. Lucky for me I didn't write about the games we played during the previous Party Game Sunday! Now I get to do that, which is exciting for everyone.

The first game we played was National Geographic Challenge for the Wii. The case for the game makes it seem like some kind of adventure game where you travel across the world and play various mini-games, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Instead it was a game almost entirely about geographical trivia, and shitty puzzles.


The goal of the game is to claim the most countries in the world. To start you choose a mode of transportation and a starting country. You then move move around to other countries. You can move to the one next to where you are, or one a few countries over. If you go a few over you'll need to answer a travel question for each country you pass over. The questions all have to do with the country you're passing over. They range from insanely hard to painfully easy, so that's fun. Once you reach the country you need to answer either a series of questions about the country, or put together a dumb-ass puzzle.

It may sound like I'm being kind of harsh on the puzzles, and that;s because I am. They suck. You either need to put pieces onto an already displayed image, or fill in blanks. There's also a dumb one where is shows some of the image and then you need to guess what it is, but the choices are never in the image shown. That's because it's only showing a portion of a larger image, which is super dumb.

*Face palm*

The same things happen if you're trying to take a country from another player, except that you both figure out the puzzle or answer multiple choice questions.

When you take the game as what it's supposed to be it's fairly competent. It's a decent quiz game for learning about geography and learning various factoids about the worlds many countries. It's just not fun. Sure I got a little excited when I answered questions to take countries from someone else, but that;s because I like winning against my friends.

This is a game about learning and there's nothing wrong with that. It's just that I'm not attending Learning Time Sunday. I show up for the party and this game certainly didn't bring that.

Note: This game is also for the PS3 and 360, which is totally nuts, because the graphics suck.

Monday, April 7, 2014


I saw this earlier today and decided that it had to be shared. Youtube user NickSplosionFX has put together every single Super Nintendo start screen and it's an amazing 9 hours and 3 minutes long.

It's amazing how much nostalgia I can feel for a 3-5 second start screen in a video game. When ActRaisers music came on I got a warm fuzzy feeling inside. The second it started playing I knew it was ActRaiser. I didn't even need to see the title card.

Perhaps if you have 9 hours of free time you should check out this amazing video, or you know, just check it out for a bit.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Game Time - March 2014

I'd be lying if I said that I didn't spend a majority of this month playing Dark Souls 2. In fact I'm taking a break from it right now in order to write this. I've decided to not write anything about Dark Souls 2 yet, because I haven't beaten it. I have a feeling I'm very close to the ending, so when I get there you can bet I'll have a whole lot to say about it.

There were a few things this month that tore me away from Dark Souls 2 though, which is what I'll be telling you all about in this installment of Game Time. InFamous: Second Son came out, which I believe to be the first true next generation game for the PS4. It looks incredible for a console game.

I finally got around to playing Fez too, now that it has been released on PlayStation consoles. I bought the PC version for like $2 a while back during a Steam sale, but only played it for an hour or so. This time I downloaded it on the PS4 and actually completed it. I now understand why people praised it so highly when it originally came out.

I also played the newest addition to the BlazBlue franchise, but I'm not very enthused with it. It's another BlazBlue game and I find it harder and harder to get excited about the franchise. It's even harder now that ARC System Works has shown Guilty Gear Xrd Sign. It just made me realize how much more I like Guilty Gear than BlazBlue. That's not to say that BlazBlue is bad, I'm just not as into it as I once was.

Welcome to Game Time.

InFamous: Second Son

When a new console comes out, I find myself wanting to show it off. When the PS4 came out this past November there really weren't any games I could do that with. If I was going to do that now though I would definitely use InFamous: Second Son. For a console game it looks incredible. The graphics are amazing, but they're accentuated by the ridiculously awesome motion capture of all the actors. Delsin Rowe the main character of Second Son is a Native American in his early to mid twenties. The way his body and face move it's almost like he's a real person. It's weird though, because it doesn't have an uncanny valley feeling that games like Heavy Rain had. It probably helps that he's actually a decently well written character while Cole, the protagonist in the previous 2 games, was generally pretty awful.

Second Son takes place in Seattle Washington. The city itself is nothing special, but it sure looks good. It's like any other open world city really. You traverse the world in order to go from mission to mission while random events take place. Like the previous games you can choose to be either good or evil and the events will help you work towards either side. What really impressed me about the city is that the textures on everything didn't look like total shit. If you walk up to a sign you're actually going to be able to read it and it's not even blurry, which is some next level stuff.

Look at the texture on Delsin's hat. That's true next generation right there!

I wish I could say that InFamous: Second Son had a whole lot to offer outside of its awesome visuals, but I just can't. In terms of story it's the same kind of thing that always happens when super powers are involved. Some people think they're really cool, while other people feel that anyone who has them is evil and should be imprisoned. In the InFamous universe people with powers are called conduits, but the people who fear them call them bio-terrorists. Delsin discovers that he's a conduit when he comes into contact with a conduit who has the power of smoke. Turns out Delsin can take the powers of other conduits and use them himself.

As you may have guessed since Delsin can steal powers he receives a few different powers throughout the course of the game. He has to seek out new powers so that he can fight an evil lady with cement powers who is imprisoning conduits. Oh yeah, he also wants to get the cement shards out of his family and friends so they can walk again. I don't want to spoil the powers, but I will say that they're all pretty cool. You start off with smoke, which lets you go through vents to get up buildings, dash through fences, and shoot fire from your hands. It all handles very well and makes you feel like a proper superhero. You can get up buildings easily and move around with little effort, which makes traversing the huge city of Seattle fun. It feels a lot more smooth than the other InFamous games, which is nice. The only downgrade is the climbing. Previously you could just mash the jump button to climb up a building, because you'd stick to almost any ledge. This is no longer the case, so climbing is rarely ever an option.

Smoke is a cool power, but I like the second power you get the best.

I really like InFamous: Second Son, but at the same time it's extremely disappointing. The story was pretty good for the first half and then it starts to go downhill. The second half has a few missions that don't really seem related and then all of a sudden the final showdown is happening. The whole second half felt very rushed and the ending is super abrupt. What's even more disappointing though is that the only really cool thing about this game is that it looks awesome. Sure that's great and all, but I want the PlayStation 4 to bring new gaming experiences to the table. I realize that this is very early in the console's life cycle, but Second Son is just more of the same with a new character who has a different set of powers. Yes, it does control better, but that would have come with iteration anyways.

Second Son is a fun ride that looks pretty, but it's short lived and ultimately the same as the previous 2 entries in the franchise. If you have a PS4 it's definitely something you need to check out, but I have a feeling that once more games are released for the console it won't be remembered for very long.

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma

I'm not good at fighting games. This is something that I've come to terms with over the past few years. I'm decent at Super Smash Brothers Melee, but that's a very different beast from your traditional fighting game like BlazBlue. The only fighting game that I ever got remotely good at was the original BlazBlue. I could actually do a combo, which is something that I certainly can't do anymore. I used to like buying new fighting games to try them out and have fun, but I can't really do that anymore. A lot of the people around me are on a much higher level than I am, so there isn't ever really a period where we're on a level playing field. I get destroyed on the regular and don't really have any fun doing it. The last fighting game I really had fun with was Jojo's All-Star Battle, but since it's not a competitively viable fighting game no one will play it with me.

Despite knowing all of this I bought BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma anyways. I mainly got it for the story, which I suppose I'm still interested in. The entire series I've been waiting for my favorite character Jubei to become playable. He's a cat-man with a huge sword and I think he's awesome. Somehow, despite being a main character in the story he's still not playable and it's killing me! Somehow they can make up totally new characters who are playable in each game, but leave out a previously existing character who plays a major role in the story!

I just want to play as Jubei! *Weeps*

So far I haven't played a whole lot of the story, but I do enjoy it. It's in the form of a visual novel. High-res character art of two characters appear on either side of the screen with a text box. It's all voiced and fairly well done. At times it can be a bit unbearable though, which is what's really bogging me down. Sometimes the game can be just a bit too Anime. The characters interactions can be super dumb. It gets even worse when you stumble on to a joke ending. I don'think they're funny and I find it had to believe that anyone thinks they're funny, but I'm sure someone must otherwise they'd stop doing them. I hope they stop doing them.

I'm going to enjoy the story. I just don't know why I keep buying these games. I don't enjoy fighting the computer and get frustrated with my general ineptitude. Hopefully I can re-ignite my passion for fighting games. Guilty Gear Xrd Sign might be the game to do that, because it looks amazing. Also I really like Guilty Gear.


I wasn't a part of the Fez zeitgeist, but after playing it I wish that I was. The game is amazing. I thought this was going to be one of those indie titles that I finally get a chance to play and then find out it was blown way out of proportion. For Fez that certainly wasn't the case. Everything is awesome whether it be the music, art style, or gameplay mechanics. Everything in the game congeals to make a completely unforgettable game. Fez is the epitome of a polished video game. You can tell that every fiber of Phil Fish's being was put into creating this awesome game.

Fez at first glance is just a 2D platformer, but the protagonist Gomez quickly gets the power to rotate the world with his magical Fez. He is given the knowledge that the world is truly 3D, which makes the game very interesting. In order to make it so that Gomez can get to his destination you must rotate the world, which is in actuality 3D. When you rotate the world you can use new objects as platforms. If you see somewhere you don't think you can get to there is a high probability that you can actually get there if you rotate the world just right. Describing it makes it sound sound really boring, but in action it's really something amazing. It adds something to a genre that's been done to death.

It blows my mind that this image is just one of four possible options of this game state.

In order to advance in the game you need to collect golden cubes. You can also collect anti cubes although they're much harder to get. Golden cubes you can get by picking up bits of cube, or by completing platforming sections. Anti cubes require you to go a layer deeper into the game and figure out it's ridiculously deep secrets. For one of the anti cubes I got I had to download a QR code reader on my tablet that gave me a button combination to enter on the controller. What's nuts is that that's one of the easier things to figure out. A lot of them have to do with a language derived from what look like Tetris blocks.

Once you beat Fez the journey isn't over, but it might be for me. There are all kinds of secrets to be discovered and the additional powers you get from completing the game allow for you to do some pretty crazy stuff. It makes you realize that nothing in Fez is just an art choice, or a piece of the background. Everything means something and it's up to you to figure it out. When the game first came out I remember the internet collectively working to figure out how to unlock all the secrets the game had to offer. I don't know if I'll ever get around to decoding the games crazy Tetris language, but it's cool to know it's there. I'm thinking about looking up a FAQ just to go through the insanity that happens after the game is "over".

I love the Fez Soundtrack so much.

I feel weird talking about Fez because it's so old now. I can't believe it took this long for it to come to PlayStation consoles and I don't know why I never bought it on the Xbox 360. It's a very immersive game. I originally planned to play it for an hour or so, but ended up not stopping until I had beaten it, which probably took around 6 hours. Most people have already played Fez, but if you haven't then you really need to. At least look up some of the amazing tracks on the soundtrack.

What's coming out?

I don't think I have any new games I'll be purchasing in April, which is good because I need to catch up with the ones I already have. As I mentioned at the top I'm still deep into Dark Souls 2. I've also started playing the HD remaster of Final Fantasy X for some reason despite the fact that I hate Tidus with every fiber of my being. It's even more annoying that they pronounce his name Tee-dus.

I'm sure I'll play a whole bunch of stuff, so we'll meet back here next month to talk about it.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Party Game Sundays: Medieval Games

This past Sunday we only played one game, because I got caught up in trying to name every single Pokemon by looking at them. I missed around 60, which I think is pretty good considering there are over 700 of the critters now. As much as I know you enjoy hearing about my amazing performance that is not why we're here. It's been a few weeks, but we finally played an actual party game on Party Game Sunday. That game was Medieval Games for the Wii.

As the title suggests it takes place in Medieval times. In fact, it's basically a Medieval Mario Party. It;s about as Medieval as you can get with language like "shaketh" and wildly varying voice acting talent. Just as in all party games you roll a die to move around what is essentially a game board. You land on spaces that have random events, or trigger mini games. When you start you pick one of three stories. All three stories have their own objectives, but in a surprise to me they are also actually stories.

In the first story some pigs have gone missing due to some mysterious force. The kingdom is searching for the pigs, but they are also competing in various games. By winning the games you gain coins, or a large treasure, which nets you even more coins. The person with the most coins at the end gets to judge a beauty contest that will decide who the prince is going to marry. In case you were wondering the prince's name is Beemish and that's awesome.

Shaketh the ye-olde Wii-mote!

Upon the completion of the first story we unlocked a second, which was based around a multi-kingdom tournament. Instead of getting coins you needed to be first place in the most tournaments by the end of the story. Each story is only a certain amount of turns or "days" and then it automatically ends. There was also a third, but we're going to be saving that for another time.

The thing that I liked most about the game was that it actually gave context for all of the mini-games. In front of each game there is a picture along with some scrolling text that tells you exactly why you're going to be playing that specific game. I think that's pretty awesome, because in any other game you get zero context and everything seems to be super random and dumb.

Play such Medieval classics as jousting!

The games themselves were actually pretty fun too. I came into this expecting everything to be garbage, because that's pretty much what most Wii games like this are. They're even worse when you add in motion control, but this is surprisingly good. As you'd expect there are all kinds of Medieval themed games. If you want to joust you can totally do that. Archery and laying siege on a castle are available as well. They're pretty much everything you'd expect, except for the one where you need to make sure you don't get attacked by a demonic squirrel. What the hell does that have to do with anything?

Overall it's actually a pretty well put together game. The main issue it has is that every time anything happens on the map the game stutters as it tries to pull things off of the disc. I'm pretty sure that problem was fixed midway through the PlayStation 1 era, but clearly not everyone figured out how to make seamless gameplay. It's an issue that mars what is otherwise a good game. According to the box art it won some type of parenting award. It would probably be a good game for kids, but as someone in their mid twenties I found it to be pretty good too. I actually hope we play this one again sometime.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Party Game Sundays: Tamagotchi Party On

After playing The Bachelor: The Video Game we needed another game to play. One of our choices was Tamagotchi Party On, which I knew almost nothing about. After reading the back of the box I knew that we had to play it. Also, the box art is incredible and very Japanese.

I guess Tamagotchis made some kind of resurgence recently, which was when this game was released. There may be some kind of television show now too, but I decided I didn't want to look to deep into it. So, the goal of Tamagotchi Party On is to become the president of Tamagotchi Planet. I know, it sounds awesome right. I'm happy to let you know that it's just as awesome as it sounds.

This box art is incredible!

As you probably expected you start by picking which Tamagotchi you want to play as. You only have four to choose from at the beginning, but each time you complete a full game you unlock another one. All the characters seem pretty cool. The next thing you choose is how many elections you want to have. The game estimates that each election will take 30 minutes. For some insane reason the game maxes out at 50 elections, which would take 25 whole hours! What's even more upsetting is that there will probably be a point on my life when I play 25 straight hours of Tamagotchi Party On. It would be awesome at first, but get boring relatively quickly.

We started off by playing one election, because we had no idea what was going to happen. You're dropped on a Mario Party-esque board. In order to move you roll a dice. At the beginning you can go to any one of Tamagotchi Planet's five exciting themed cities, however the game recommends you move towards the crown icon. When you reach the crown you give a campaign speech and get super popular. 

You always want to get to the crown.

So, the way you win Tamagotchi Planet's elections is by being the most popular. As you move around the board you can land on a variety of different spaces. There are two types of mini-games. One space lets you play what I assume are games you'd play on an actual Tamagotchi, where you only use the D-pad. These were actually my favorite, because they were super easy. The other mini-games are all fairly simple motion controlled games that repeat a lot. These games get you money and popularity points.

My favorite spaces to land on were event spaces. Your Tamagotchi is depicted in a very weird cartoon style. Something will happen and you'll either gain or lose popularity points. For example, I watched some Kindergartners and won 50 popularity points. My friend picked up trash in the park and only got 30, because watching kids is way more important than a clean park. 

I played as this baller.

I didn't win our 1 election round, but I did win all 3 elections in our second 3 election round. In the beginning I landed on a friend space, which lets you talk to another Tamagotchi character. The Tamagotchi in question was a rabbit scientist. He have me over 100 popularity points and told me that I would win the election. He then declared that his predictions are never wrong. I'm inclined to believe that his predictions are right, because I did indeed with the election by quite a large margin.

The real reason I won though was because I figured out the secret to getting tons of popularity. To start you want to give the campaign speech, because it gives you 500 popularity points. Once the speech is given it moves locations so you can keep doing them. The other key thing is to upgrade your headquarters. If you get back to the starting point you can use some money to upgrade your headquarters. I don't want to be crude here, but the headquarters looks like it's half penis, half mushroom. When you upgrade it, by making it bigger or decorating it you earn more popularity points from playing mini-games. Normally playing a game perfectly will net you 100 popularity points, but I was banking 200, because I upgraded my HQ. It was a pretty sweet deal and I figured it out early enough to fly ahead. 

These Tamagotchi games are super fun.

Looking back on it now not a whole lot happens in Tamagotchi Party On. You watch events play out and play the same mini-games over and over again. There's something weirdly charming about it though. The music and characters are very charming. Everything is upbeat and colorful, and made me feel good inside. I felt even better when I became the president of Tamagotchi Planet.


Party Game Sundays: The Bachelor: The Video Game

There was a time in my life when I would have refused playing a video game based on the reality television show The Bachelor. Since that time has now passed I'm both happy and sad to tell you that this past Sunday I sat down to play The Bachelor: The Video Game with three other males in their mid twenties. We could have played as dudes going for the bachelorette, but that would have been slightly less funny.

I have never seen a full episode of The Bachelor, but I understand the premise. A bunch of ladies try to win the heart of an eligible bachelor by competing in challenges and going on dates. At some point the bachelor gives roses to the ladies he might want to be with and those who don't receive them are sent home. This concept actually makes a little bit of sense in a mini-game collection format.

Warner Bros. is only publishing the best games.

So initially this game seemed like it would be utter garbage, but instead it was only kind of crappy. You start by picking the lady you want to be. I picked the one wearing a hot sparkly dress. After you've picked who you want to be you have to choose which bachelor you want to pursue. In the beginning you only have one option and I definitely don't remember his name. I think it was Jason or something. So you pick a guy and then an episode. There are three episodes in a season, which ends with one lucky lady getting married!

In order to compete for the bachelor's heart you obviously need to play mini-games. This is where the game fell apart for me a bit. The game sets up a group date. One of them was ice skating. Sure, that's a reasonable group date. However, the mini-game related to the date involves you trying to make large hexagons without them being hit by some kind of ice ball. They didn't even try to have the games relate to the stupid plot.

I'm glad I didn't marry Jason. He seemed like a tool.

The mini-games are totally fine though. They actually controlled well and were fun in some cases. They weren't blowing my mind or anything, but they were alright. After each mini-game, depending on what place you finished in, you receive a certain amount of hearts. The person with the most hearts at the end of the episode gets to go on a single date with the bachelor. The other three players can try to sabotage them, but it's literally impossible. I'm not even kidding. The single person could fall asleep for a few minutes and still win the single date. They have to do the same thing as the other three people, but they have to do way less of it.

The single date holds the best part of the game. Prior to the impossible to sabotage mini-game you'll be treated to a shitty CG cutscene where the contestant gets sort of close to the bachelor almost like they're going to kiss. If the person wins the date, then the bachelor and the contestant kiss, or have some type of romantic moment. If they lose however, it's amazing. The bachelor will lose interest in some very jarring ways. In one scene he falls asleep when they're about to kiss and in another he suddenly decides to sprint away as fast as he can. I tried looking up some of these clips for you, but to my surprise no one on the internet ripped them for my viewing pleasure. There was a let's play, but I have better things to do than watch someone else play a middling game (at least right now).

This is the hottest image on the internet.

The fact that this game exists is amazing. I feel like the cross-section of people who watch The Bachelor and play terrible mini-game collections is very small. Yet somehow they actually got the real host of the television show to voice it. He does a pretty bad job, which is what I would have expected.

It's not really very fun, but it is certainly funny. If you want to see some of the least sexually arousing CG people of all time you should totally pick this gem up.


Monday, March 10, 2014

The Darkest of Souls

There are so many people who sing the praises of the Souls franchise. Up until a few months ago I truly could not comprehend why. I picked up a copy of Demon's Souls a few years ago and never got into it. I tried so hard, but I felt like the game was actively trying to make me dislike it. Yes, it's super hard, but normally that kind of thing doesn't make me give up on a game completely. For some reason I felt directionless and devoid of all hope, which is why some people like these games in the first place. Hoping that I was just not in the right mindset I tried to get into Demon's Souls multiple times. Each time I'd beat a boss or two and then completely lose interest. This is the reason I was never interested in Dark Souls, until now, that is.

I've been hearing the praise of Dark Souls since it came out. I even started watching people play it somewhat frequently to try and see if I could glean some kind of enjoyment out of it. I didn't really end up enjoying it at all though and would often not pay very close attention. Something clicked in my brain a few months ago though that made me want to try it out. People always talk about it as if it's some kind of rite of passage, which in some sense it is. It's a truly difficult game, but if you're willing to put in the time and figure it out the game's not nearly as impenetrable as people make it out to be. In a way me trying out Dark Souls was like me trying out Monster Hunter. I just had to know why everyone thought it was so great. Turns out, I think Dark Souls is great too.

The silver knight looks so cool!

Yes, the game is difficult, but not impossible. I think that people make Dark Souls difficulty out to be much more than it actually is. I see it as delayed gratification. In most modern games you're killing something every few seconds, and powering up as you go along. People like fast paced games that make you feel powerful. Dark Souls isn't fast paced and really makes you work in order to truly feel powerful. Sure, you can eventually get strong weapons and armor, but those won't necessarily make the game any easier. In order to truly get better you need to learn the ins and outs of the game's clunky systems. You need to approach every encounter with caution, because even basic enemies can strike you down at a moment's notice. Your character's movements are slow, deliberate, and filled with animation priority. You don't get thrown constant power-ups in order to keep the endorphin stream to your brain going. Souls, the games currency and experience need to be earned through hard fought battles. 

Dark Souls makes you take time to think. It makes you value what you have earned. When you fall in battle you lose your souls. As long as you don't die again before returning to where you died, you can reclaim them. However, if you do die before reaching the blood stain your corpse left behind they're gone forever. The first time I lost a ton of souls I was devastated, but it taught me to be much more careful. It's cool, because you actually learn lessons in Dark Souls. You actually have to adapt in order to continue on. In some cases though you just have to persevere. 

The super heavy Havel armor helped me through to the end.

I try my hardest not to get angry with video games, but sometimes I just can't help it. Mid-way through the game Dark Souls decides to throw two bosses at you simultaneously. Those two bosses are Ornstein and Smough. During that fight I was literally screaming obscenities at my television. My rage was palpable. Ornstein kept flying across the room and impaling me with his spear, while big Smough and his fat self butt slammed me all day long. I fought those two for hours on end, until finally I had killed them both. The elation I felt when those two were beaten cannot even be described. I had a strategy that I knew would work, because I could get so close to winning every time. I kept running straight back into the battle until I won, which as I mentioned took hours. Dark Souls is a game of both learning and perseverance and that makes it unique.

In a lot of ways Dark Souls reminds me of Monster Hunter. They both seem impenetrable from the outside, they both have communities filled with elitist assholes, they both have clunky systems, and they're both inexplicably popular. Monster Hunter is more of a Japanese thing, while Dark Souls has a huge following both here in America and Japan. There are so many obscure things in Dark Souls, but passionate fans have figured all of them out. The wikis out there for the game are very in depth and you can learn anything you could possibly ever need to know about the game.

Just seeing these two fills me with rage,

I'm writing this the day before Dark Souls 2 comes out. I'm going to be picking it up at midnight and diving right in. What's scary is that there's hardly any information about the game on the internet right now. It's also a very exciting thing. Playing through Dark Souls I needed a lot of information in order to understand what was going on in the beginning. Without that I probably wouldn't have kept going, because some of the things the game does seem obtuse just for the sake of being obtuse. Kindling at bonfires for example made no sense to me and the broken English describing it didn't exactly help. Going into Dark Souls 2 I will be carrying my basic knowledge, but if I get stuck I'm not necessarily going to be able to find help. Going through the game at the same time as the rest of the community will be a completely different experience than I had with the original Dark Souls and I couldn't be more excited. 

I understand now why people like this series. It makes you work for everything. Hell, it doesn't even really tell a story unless you really go searching for it. You can go through the entire game and have barely any clue why anything is happening. That's quite a ridiculous notion, but somehow it works. For a lot of people exploring an open world and defeating enemies is enough, which just goes to show how well put together the game truly is. 

The DLC is pretty good too.

As a person who plays quite a few video games I'm proud that I was able to see Dark Souls through to completion. It's crazy to me how popular the franchise has become and I hope that it continues on, because there's really not a whole lot else like it out there.